Suzanne Townsend

Dan and I were friends in our various lives in Boulder, Boston, and Halifax. After his love Karen died (of cancer), he started writing and asked me for help in getting his notes readable. I helped him over the following years with -- besides interminable rewritings of his CVs in various job hunts -- manuscripts on Karen, Kelly, Zara, and... others. (The names were a draw, yes, but the fantastical and insightful gut-level stories got me hooked.) Upon hearing that Dan had only about two more months I knew he was ready for the next chapter of this story we call samsara -- but I thought it was weeks away, not just days. I will miss him more than almost anyone else I know -- we were friends through thick and thin and even -- actually, especially -- at the worst of times he always made me laugh. Thank you, Danny Boy! Magnificent storyteller Maligned thunderstorm Tenderest of hearts In a crystal nutshell How I'll miss Your rants and raves Your hilarious, brutal truths Your fairytale princesses and ogres The skeleton bones you held so close The skeleton bones you leave behind And oh, the stories -- To rattle us all -- Each of us (in our own way) behind you, Each in our own way.