The Top Ten Reasons Why …


Asked to give a toast to the Vidyadhara at the events celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Vidyadhara’s parinirvana in Halifax, Barry Boyce began to compose a toast telling a story or two centered on him and what a great and important student he was and is and has become and will be—somewhat diminishing and overshadowing Lord Mukpo in fact. And then a little haunting voice suggested he go another way…

The top ten reasons why, the Vidyadhara, the Venerable Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, the eleventh Trungpa Tulku, the Druk Sakyong, the Dorje Dradül of Mukpo, Lord Mukpo, the Makkyi Rabjam, Genghis Khan, Yung Lo, Chögyie is still not dead after 25 years.

10. because father and child are still one in the realm of thought

9. because all acts are still the acts of the guru, and in the single circle beyond confusion, nothing whatever but everything arises from it

8. because pain and pleasure alike are still ornaments which it is pleasant to wear, and go still follows touch

7. because Vajrayogini and Chakrasamvara are still dating

6. because it doesn’t really matter and he couldn’t care less—still!

5. because “Good luck, Sir!” or “Good luck, Madam!” are still the best advice you’ve ever received

4. because your guess is still as good as mine

3. because first thought is still best thought

2. because he’s still saying “I love you all very much, sweetheart,” with a big wet sake-soaked kiss

And the number 1 reason the Vidyadhara is still not dead after 25 years:

1.   because your shoes—like everything else you hold dear—will still be stolen by your guru

Long live the Vidyadhara!

Originally posted April 4, 2012