A Brief History of Tassajara

From Native American Sweat Lodges to Pioneering Zen Monastery


by Marilyn McDonald

This book is based on a scrapbook that sat for years in the office of Tassajara Springs, Zen Mountain Center, deep in the mountains of Monterey County, California. It was put together by Marilyn McDonald who was a frequent guest at Tassajara from the mid-seventies to mid-eighties. From the day she arrived she was fascinated with the history of the place, did extensive research and many interviews. Marilyn passed away January, 2017, and a combination of her friends, family, and a few of us Zennies put a lot of effort into polishing it up and making it widely available.

194 pages with 260 images – $20 —– ISBN 978-1-7322877-0-9

It can be ordered from the San Francisco Zen Center Bookstore or any bookstore that orders from Books in Print. Locate an independent local bookstore in the US–to order via Books in Print from Ingram Books. Available at Amazon.com for $15.