A Weekly Update from KCCL

Last month KCCL moved from their temporary home a half hour outside of town into the the heart of south-end Halifax. Their presents here is an important new resource for the Halifax sangha.


Update: We are slowly settling in and are enjoying our new home. Of course there are some repairs to be made while at the same time we also put a fair amount of our time into beautifying the outdoors and our main rooms, and we also enjoy seeing all those folks walking or jogging by on their way to the park.
We are happy to have received a very lovely dining room table from a devoted practitioner. It was build in 1850 (believe it or not) and beautifully refurbished by a sangha member. The few people who have seen the table comment that this is the kind of “yun” furniture the Vidyadhara would have loved.
We are also making good progress with getting our front and back garden into shape. Five beautiful pagodas function now as our street lights, plus our zen rock garden has also received some further refinements.

So of course we now all wish that we could invite you over and give you a tour of the place or to practice with you. But the present Covid restrictions do not yet allow that indoors. On the other hand, this next Wednesday (weather allowing), we will restart our weekly Wednesday morning group sitting (9:00–11:00am) in our Buddha garden. For more info on this, see below. In the coming week(s), we then also hope to open up our regular 5–6pm daily sitting people to guests, i.e., at first in our Buddha garden (weather allowing), and if the Covid restrictions will be further relaxed that at least a few people could then also join when we practice inside.

Otherwise, the good news is that the probate court has opened up again, and of course we hope that the last step of taking full possession of the property (the signing over of the title of the property to KCCL) will now happen soon. Once this last step is done we can then launch the remodeling phase as discussed months ago and for which we were fortunate and thankful to receive financial support so that we can start phase one of this process.
This is it for now in terms of update.

You can always contact us at: kccl.contact@gmail.com; 902 576 3655

Mindfulness Practice

(in Buddha garden: weather allowing)
Every Wednesday from 9:00am to 11:00am
Please join us for our weekly Wednesday mindfulness practice sessions (śamatha-vipaśyanā mahāmudrā). The two sessions will start at 9am and at 10am.

Due do Covid restrictions, we can presently only offer “outside practice” in our new Buddha garden. Before coming please contact us so that we can confirm that we can accommodate everyone “safely”: 902-454-5335; kccl.contact@gmail.com
Outside practice is of course also dependent on the weather, see: https://weather.gc.ca/forecast/hourly/ns-19_metric_e.html

How to stay in touch

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How to support us

Karma Changchub Ling is presently primarily supported by contributions and savings from the residents. Considering, however, that we are mostly monastics, in order to be able to continuously maintain and support Karma Changchub Ling, we need to gradually build up a support system based on donations. Karma Changchub Ling thus welcomes monetary gifts (one-time or monthly recurring) from any country: http://kccl.ca/donate/