The Simplicity of This Moment


The world is not perfect, not black and white. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche could be seen as a madman or a scholar. It’s pointless to try to come to an absolute encapsulation of him. If we raise him up to be a god we miss the most important lesson that he was a human being with flaws, good and bad days, and that depression, anger and humor were emotions he went through.

That humanity is what I find most touching. Faced with an impossible situation he moved forward. Seeing his country destroyed, his people murdered, he did not become paralyzed with grief. Rather he found a way to preserve what was precious from his world. Now we are faced with realizing the scope of that world.

I am filled with gratitude to all the people who have supported his life and works: what can I say? Twenty years later his voice is still strong and we still long for more. It is easy now to understand what he was so busy doing.

May his teachings continue to help people recognize the decency in their difficult lives.

20 years later / The simplicity of this moment

The simplicity of this moment, is your loving kindness. How many times has disaster loomed, and these past 20 years how many times have we come back to our love for you? The simplicity of this moment is that we are oblivious, and when shocked out of our self absorption, we laugh when we think of you, your trust that we would get it, and bring decency to our lives. Oh what a struggle that has been! Have you been laughing these past 20 years? Wondering what we were up to? Twenty years later your smile endures, your greatness shines, radiating personality of complicated appreciation, you are the king who makes his subjects ruler, of this moment full of difficulty. How attached I’ve become to my ideas of you these past 20 years, waiting to see you again, hopelessly holding on, for one more moment with you. Twenty years later I thank you for your sense of humor, the cosmic joke: greatness within failure, a kingdom in a dying flower. Powerful ruler 20 years later. Your mind is like an endless storm.