Gesar Mukpo



Julia talks with Gesar Mukpo, son of Chogyam Trunpga, and incarnation of Jamgön Kongtrül of Sechen.


Thank you for inviting Gesar to Dispaches. Julia said it beautifully when concluding their discussion….”Your (Gesar’s) willingness to be genuine, be true, to be true to your experience. will not buy something off the shelf as truth but will chew it, bite it, crunch it…let it be so.” Yes, I do appreciate listening to Gesar’s courage in sharing his burden and gift, his struggle and privilege. He illuminated many of the same questions I relate with each and every day. Again Julia presented the question very well…”What was it that he wanted us to understand? How do we lead our life in such a way that we clarify that answer?” (my addition) …..Beyond “should and suppose to”.

Thank you Gesar for allowing me to experience the questions you grapple with. Very refreshing.

Love to all,

* * *

Just briefly listened to the Gesar interview – he seems more softer and reflective than I would have expected from the Dharmabrats website
-which is mad at times with cartoons and argument–but as he said argument is something to enjoy and not be frightened of aka also looking at the ‘ugly’ part of ourselves as he mentioned in the interview.

Interesting that he stated he was connecting with what Trungpa meant to him personally…………..avowing maybe other practices and traditions that have come into shambhala — myself would prefer shambhala to be much more open in this sense to others…………maybe a return to investigating how the dharma can be enjoyed in other areas of our lives besides formal meditation practice.

Will have to look at my own mind in regard to what Gesar has said perhaps reevaluate things a little…………..aka my own somewhat tentative ‘understanding’ of Trungpa and his teachings.

best, Rita Ashworth