Hare Krishna


Rinpoche was teaching a college course at C.U. (University of Colorado Boulder) that had been arranged by Brian Grimes. This was probably fall semester 1971. After class one evening as Rinpoche, John Baker and I were walking to the car we were stopped by a Hare Krishna follower who was trying to sell us a large book. My instinct was to hustle Rinpoche by, but Rinpoche stopped and stared in the man’s eyes for an extended moment. He then tapped his chest and said, “I have Krishna in my heart.”

The young man stood rooted in place and we walked away.

Polly was an early and life-long devoted student of the Vidyadhara. She served for many years as the director of Karma Dzong (Shambhala Center) in Boulder. She died in 2012 in Halifax.