Road trip photo album

Photo's from The Chronicles' tour in the summer of 2004


Thirty people were interviewed during this tour of the Northeast for a total of over 70 hours of recorded conversation about Trungpa Rinpoche.

The following people were interviewed during May and June 2004 in Montreal, New England, and New York.

Sam Bercholz
Hazel Bercholz
Selda Chender
Winfield Clark
Sal and Caroline De Maio
Nancy Eric
Jon Fabbro
Michael Fagan
Jeanine Greenleaf
Hilda Heilig
Philip Heilig
Gloria Laborie
Chuck Lief
Judy Lief
Aba Cecile McHardy
Michael McLellan
Lady Diana Mukpo
David Nichtern
Jack Niland
Peter Orlovsky
Alice Patneaude
John Perks
Stephanie Pukit
Tessa Pybus
Esther Rochon
Phyllis Segura
John Sennhauser
Richard Sommers and Vicki Tansy
Jean-Claude van Itallie
David Wilde