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Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche in Colorado

Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche Arrives in Colorado and Wakes to a Double Rainbow at Phuntsok Choling https://youtu.be/WWlWEwvahJ0 Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche: 84,000 Teachings https://youtu.be/zj7kjIT8M3Q

Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche in France

The photos below are from Laura Weiss who writes: "Greetings from France, Here are a few photos from the trip so far. Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche has captured our hearts with his...

Ann Spruyt’s Photograph Collection

Ann Spruyt, an early and dearly loved student of Trungpa Rinpoche's, died in February 2009. Her sister, Betty Kronsky, sent in the photographs below. She wrote: "Here are some photos of...

Tribute to Ann Spruyt, 1930 – 2009

Ann Spruyt I did not know Ann Spruyt. I don't know much. But I do know this. If I were a member of the current sangha, I would be watching, all the...