Hi my name is Karl - and I have a few memories of memories of personal experiences with The Most Venerable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche: I got in my white Ford van and drove to the DENVER AIRPORT - John and Marvin were there too - in John's blue VW bug. His plane landed and everybody disembarked except one. What happened - nothing - for at last a small brown man came rolling down the gangway in a wheelchair. "welcome to Boulder" I said - "would you like to go out for some lunch?". "No thank you, I'm tired" And off He went with John and Marvin to his Gold Hill home. I stood there wondering what had just happened! HA,HA! Then one warm day I was driving Him in the foothills outside of Boulder. "Pull over here". I did, we got out and He told me to bring the blanket. I followed Him as he walked around. Finally - "put the blanket here". He lay down, arms and legs spread. I asked - He said: "This is a power spot and I'm soaking up the energy of the earth". After a while He got up, I shook out folded the blanket went back to the car and back to town. Next day I went to that very same spot - put down a blanket - and lay down. All I felt was the pain of the very sharp stones in my back. HA, HA. Then - one day at beautiful Lake Louise , Rinpoche said: "let's go for a ride". Off we went down the snowy highway toward British Columbia. Then: "let's stop here for a beer". After one or two, and a long pit stop, we drove back to the Seminary. While we were gone, the military was frantically looking for Him. When we finally appeared, 'although relieved' they really wanted to hang me high. HA,HA. Little bubbles keep floating up. Rinpoche came to our house for lunch or dinner in early days. One time, Marcia served him steak tartar - he seemed to like it. HA,HA Then, on a beautiful evening with a few flakes drifting down, driving Him to his first public talk at Macky Auditorium, he said: "you introduce me but make it short". Finally; both of us on stage I said: "another mountain has come to boulder" He didn't comment, but the audience laughed. HA,HA I know this is boring, so I'll stop here. Dear Rnipoche - thank you for being Rinpoche The end --- Karl