Ben Schorr-Kon

He strongly influenced my friend and early mentor, Dan Russell, who travelled with Trungpa to Bhutan, where he also met Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche. As a youth I travelled up to the Scottish borders, hoping to learn meditation... I asked Dan to "Show me the awakened state", (It worked for Milarepa)..."You show me"., he said . . *Irritating*. . ."I'm not a meditation teacher", he said, but while you're here you can train Karate, and work. . .I became sly. *Thinks: "Everytime I enter the Dojo and bow, I'll treat it as meditation in action". . . It took me an 'extra' ten years to get a black belt . . . (very good quality belt, though!) Trungpa's influence was always there. Crazy Wisdom. All my opinions were challenged. . .I learned to question my own thinking, and observe it's tendencies, patterns, qualities, and style...all with gentle humour and kindness. Generosity. Patience, Dedication, unceasing effort, spontaneity, and a large dose of outrageousness. My father also was involved in this process, and attended the last talk that Trungpa gave in London I think it was. He was very late, and basically said nothing. Giving the self-importance of the "Audience", a good look at their self - centered expectations. . .Everytime A conclusion got 'jumped to' my dad used to say . . ."And THEN what?".