Clarke Warren

Sherab Chödzin died in Boulder, Colorado during the night of January 22, 2020. Sherab had recently been in and out of the hospital, returning home yesterday to be with his family. Our deepest condolences to Sherab’s family, and our fondest farewell to Sherab. As one person said this morning, “A lion has passed!” Sherab was one of the early North American students of Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, beginning in the early 1970s. He was a dharma teacher, author, translator, editor, wonderful husband to wife, Judi and father to children Cory, married to Michael, and Alexandra, married to Leo. He was proud grandfather to Florence, Phoebe, and Ludovico. Sherab Chödzin was one of Trungpa Rinpoche’s main editors. Also, he served as Vajradhatu Ambassador Plenipotentiary (Rinpoche’s representative) to Europe, 1978-1983. Sherab and Dorje Loppön Lodrö Dorje were the founding directors of the Nalanda Translation Committee. Sherab was a deeply erudite and eloquent writer and teacher. He was a great repository of the entire corpus of teachings of the Vidyadhara, and an extraordinary conversationalist. Sherab died simply, peacefully, and cheerfully. Please keep Sherab in your practice and bodhichitta mind.