Clarke Warren on behalf of Ri-mé Society 

When one considers how Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche forged the entry of Buddhism to the West, Tania (known to many of us for years as her dharma name Kesang)_ was an indispensable presence and force in that grand adventure. By virtue of uncanny auspicious coincidences, rather than any premeditated plan, Tania was drawn into that great current of Dharma, and she had the right stuff to carry out the trajectory of that grand vision. We all owe a great appreciation to Tania for being a founding mother of all we pursue in Dharma today! Anyone who appreciates the brilliance and dharma activities  of Trungpa Rinpoche should consider Tania as a close member of his spiritual and practical entourage. She has a reserved seat next to Rinpoche in the circle of his mandala. Tania was a superbly adaptable and able person.  She was utterly dedicated to whatever pursuits she turned her attention to, and there were many varied pursuits throughout her life!  Whether situations were positive or negative, clear or confused, workable or disarrayed, she danced with them with exuberance. Yet in each pursuit, she contributed an adamantine devotion to her teacher, Trungpa Rinpoche, and she reflected Rinpoche’s brilliance and consummate care for others in all she undertook. This was in concert with her own very big heart, sparkling intelligence and multi-faceted capabilities in all she pursued and accomplished. She leaves us with a splendid and enduring example of what it means to be an authentic bodhisattva and an utterly genuine human being!