Greg Demmons

Tribute to CTR I first saw you on forbidden film as I fixed computers at DDL The magical words and offerings And I, a novice sitter forlorn at the new death That brought me here to your seat In the heart of the mandala Sitting... In the staff house… Stories from the elders Gin and tonic musings Laughing and sharing ...I only saw the drunkenness... In the barn... Thinking, just thinking, don't worry, no problem... Just sit, it's ok ...I only saw the dharma... In the shrine room... Chanting your words Feeling the drum And the warm morning sunshine ...I only saw the love of my life... At the Abbey... I felt the rush of painful feelings Loss and the escape of one-pointedness Watching everything come and go ...I saw only the complexity... At the airport... Longing for Asia Looking for something else I despised your shenpa ...I saw only the mirror... In the arms of my wife... The interconnectedness Of you and I hangs lightly On her breath in the morning... - Greg Demmons Greg Demmons Visiting Professor Liberal Arts Division Gachon University of Medicine and Science