Jacqueline Gens

poem for CTR For CTR I. I saw some green on the beginning of earth hour Hospice of light in the city's diminished garden. A jumble, a ruse, of impossible Avenues by lateral means. Up and down no longer viable but true. I saw some green-- smoke on the mountain rising as we looked to the sky. Then, there was nothing. II. Let me tell you of other ports; Hunger's ruined feast at the portal of entries this city glimmering against her black planetarium. Guardians at the gate Lead us into the nameless. III. Birds chatter amid cow plops of wet snow. Cemetery of kisses* falling in dissolution reigning over hard periphery of angled thoughts condensed into conversation for some green song I saw while still a fire in your tombs.* Twenty years later, still alive. *italics from Pablo Neruda Jacqueline Gens Brattleboro, Vermont April, 2007