Nyingje Dranyen

Once we had our duty -- we could say "I am on duty " or "I am off duty" Now there is just our lives -- each moment. When we cook, we cook for you When we clean our homes, we clean your Court When we care for our children, we emulate your care for us. When we sit, we are your throne cushion When we stand, we stand in your presence When we walk, we are your walking stick When we drive, we are your driver When we wait in line, we wait for you When we tend our garden, we tend your garden When we open the door, we greet you. The procession is underway The inner court incense is burning You are forevermore entering taking your seat clearing your throat proclaiming dharma. May we wake up in the middle of our lives and carry on your work May we make love with your passion eat with your appetite clean our homes with your attention to details wake up in the morning with your awakened heart go to sleep with your empty abandon sing with your piercing first-thought confidence teach with your skillful means die with your wisdom.