John Perkins

Hi from Mexico where we have been enjoying a different life and helping to establish a Shambhala Centre in San Miguel de Allende. I wanted to write to thank you for all your efforst with the Chronicles. It's an amazing resource. I listen not only for the teachings and connections to VCTR, but to the sangha. It's so wonderful to hear the voices of friends and have them be a part of our life again via MP3s. I have yet to do so but will soon click that support box.... I would like to offer a contribution to the stories if that would be appropriate. I never met his body but sure encountered his mindstream when in the archives...Best regards to all there. * * * Dear John, Thank you so much. This is very heartening to hear--especially from a professional archivist. Yes, we would love to have your stories. I think your experience would be very interesting and quite unique. Please write something or record something -- text, audio or video. I'm sure it will be a great addition to our colle