Karma Sherab

1988 RMDC dathun - toast "I've no independent knowledge of meeting Chogyam Trungpa in person, face-to-face." In 1988 at Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center, at a banquet following a dathun (4-week sitting period) I offered a toast "to the sangha" This new word was one I associated with "family" and I offered the words to those left in the wake of such a teacher's vast activities. Rather than "wake" I became curious more of an "awake" that such a teacher might have been sharing, imbuing, steeping, and serving. Far more than the actions of any bodhisattva, Vidyadhara, I stead on in my life to lead to... where. I read a bumper sticker .. "They can send me to college, but they can't make me learn." I leave this cyberspace with a short poem: I'm so, I'm so in love with you dharma be tried before it is true. Karma Sherab