Linda V. Lewis

The Guru is Still Alive The guru is still alive. I dream he is smiling at me, as I peer from a hallway into a sitting room. There he is, chatting in Tibetan on a large sofa with Khyentse Rinpoche. They look so comfortable. I notice an attendant too, but then the door to the hallway closes. Still, I get the message that he is enjoying himself in great company. Once I dreamt that Rinpoche was wearing a tight black dress with gold earrings. It was night and his smile flashed teeth. In spite of the dress, he didn't look feminine, but more like Mahakala, as he slid into the black limo, waiting for him on the half-moon driveway before a white house. Another time I walked into a forest in the evening, and in a clearing covered with pine needles€" there was Rinpoche seated before a piano, playing with both hands! The music was beautiful, classical, elegant; the composer unknown. You too can see Rinpoche, if you invite him into your dreams. March 14, 2011 Written after another wonderful dream visit by Trungpa Rinpoche.