Linda V. Lewis

Dorje Dradul Doha 4.4.2011 Dorje Dradul, When you walk through the jungle of samsara, You are like a powerful striped tiger flashing teeth. When you leap to the rocky mountains of the highest view, You are like a white snow lion enjoying sacred outlook. When you are gone into the space of dharmata, You are like the king of garudas, Soaring so free. When you reside in the palace of Kalapa, You are the fearless Dragon King, the Druk Sakyong, Radiating dignity and awareness. Now, when we too walk through the jungle, Remind us that it is appearance-emptiness. When we hear the high mountain winds wail, Remind us that it is the fearless speech of the guru. When lonely thoughts arise in our mind, Remind us they are clarity-emptiness inseparable from your mind. When we feel the ashe in the palace of our hearts, We find you there. By simply relaxing into uncontrived awareness, Self-liberation dawns. Written 8 days before the 24th parinirvana of the Great 11th Trungpa Rinpoche, otherwise known as the Dorje Dradul and Druk Sakyong, by Jinpai Pema, Linda V. Lewis