Marty Janowitz

Dear Sherab, Dear Michael, Sam, Larry and others have so beautifully shared so much of what sort of extraordinary human you are/were. Human - a truly decent, kind, deeply humorous (actually a master of the outrageously funny moment) and serious (often simultaneously), open, curious, investigative, erudite, scholarly, insightful, loving (especially towards Judy and the girls), and perhaps most extraordinary, always present in your skin, on your feet, and attentive. Indeed, long before we ever heard the term and meaning of authentic presence (wang tang), you were innately showing up. Some have rightly pointed to some of the ways in which you typically filled any space you entered, but I suggest more than that you shaped the space. On so many occasions you broke the ice, stepped into the unasked question, were willing to give voice to not knowing or needing to press the case or inquiry, or declare the disconnect, blind spot or daresay idiocy. I never saw you swallow something (metaphorically) you hadn't chewed. Shape and space shifter...We first intersected in June or July of '70 when coming back awkwardly from my first short retreat at Tail of TT, before even walking in, hearing your booming laugh, then encountering your large bib overalled self sitting in the Tail of TT living room). From that moment on the atmosphere had new dimension - I am not overstating - Rinpoche noticed and clearly enjoyed that there was finally someone in the space who was not holding back yet was not posturing. No wonder he relished you as student, then interrogator, teacher, ambassador, representative, amplifier, translator, exponent....and also a juicy colorful, fun thread in the tapestry of his/our world, and society. Our path with our teacher was so much richer for your presence and participation. Sherab has been described as a lion - correct. But he was also a tiger - patient and showing up for the long trek, but ready to pounce fiercely yet lovingly; garuda, soaring intellectually and creatively; and dragon, those knowing inscrutable pauses just before... To explore something unknown or uncertain with you was a joy (the translators really know). I am reminded of much back and forth just a few years ago trying to discern the subtleties, dimensions, uncertainties and apparent contradictions within the Vidyadhara's various writings and words on political attitude and discourse (integrating and reconciling versions of his Political Treatise). These past couple of days I find a fair amount of regret surfacing...a byproduct of allowing time and physical distance since you returned from NS to Boulder to distract me from keeping the active flame of close relationship to you and Judy current. As I think of you Sherab it all re-arises fresh and of you Judy, my heart extends in sorrow, love and joy knowing what a most extraordinary path you both journeyed has been repeated too much these days as dear warriors pass into the next unknown journey "may the tears of our crying produce future warriors"