Peter Livingston

Generic Buddha 4.4.2013 I Like the unnamed official who opens Harlem fire hydrants offers cool mist to sweltering confused black children, barefoot on August Manhattan tarmacs, generic Buddha ultimate product you can be found anywhere II Unnamed and plain wrapped that inconceivable combination of new-old ingredients Oh what a feeling! you do not Toyota with us you drive the vehicle not designed for California highways vehicle that knows the unknown terrain, to travel the fresh path you continually uncover I would cut all credit cards Like Gleem itself you clean and conquer in two ways polish the inner enamel purify both breath and breathing morning noon and night, ultimate Lifesaver that never dissolves natural deodorant that never diminishes generic Buddha ultimate product to wash in the rain of purity you provide, I would drain the entire Tide of samasara No plop plop, fizz fizz no bizmo or gizmo no roto rooter, no draino no extra vapour power can bloom those flowers that appear after you clear and rout the clogged channels of memory and sense Available on every shelf of every self Universal Product Code itself product beyond the concept of products yet ultimate product generic Buddha I would empty all pockets and purge all sockets of purchase-attachment to simply walk the aisles of that magical market while you alone gently proclaim the Dharma Peter Livingston Bedford Springs February, 1982 Thank you to Seth Levinson for sending this in, and Patty Livingston for permssion. -Ed