Robert Lovitt – Changchup Tro-Me

only father guru now that you have died i am truly an orphan and it is sad to live alone in this world sad to live alone in this cement samsara but through the foresight of your limitless compassion my inheritance is immeasurable though my sight is veiled by the darkness of ignorance, passion and aggression, you have left the great eastern sun to light my path though my heart is cold and narrow you have opened up your treasury of limitless warmth though my skills are meager you have given me the 6 rungs of paramita to cross over the turbulent river of despairing–mind though my knowledge is slight you have left open the vaults of true insight there is no way to thank you for these gifts except to share this wealth with all sentient beings i vow in the direction of the rigden kings – to do so and in the tradition of the practice lineage and in your name – chogyam trungpa april 5, 1987 / karme–choling, vt