Jud Levinson

On Returning to the Home of the Father Guru Homage to my Father Guru Chokyi Gyatso Dorje Dradul The Crazy Wisdom Holder of the three times The conqueror of samsara and nirvana When I was young you bestowed on this aging yogin the blessing to see the truth that there is no distinction between samsara and nirvana, but because of karma I have been floating in the sea of duality looking here and there- and missing the essential points of view meditation and action. Now having wandered so long through your great blessing I have finally returned to the nest of the Father Guru. Joy, so long absent has returned, and being welcomed by my vajra brothers and sisters I can finally can rest in the family into which I was born. Father Guru there are no words to praise and thank you except to follow your example May all beings dwell in the great simplicity which transcends knowing and not knowing Your son rejoices in the kindness of the Father Guru! 20 April 2021