Tsultrim Walter

Chogyam, Mr. Mahamudra Every time we were in a room with him. Every time we saw his face. When he was asked a question: When there was that gap. When that smile arose. When his face radiated warmth like the Great Eastern Sun We experienced Mahamudra. But we thought it was outside. We thought, “I wish I had what he has.” Not realizing at that moment we had “exactly that”. Not realizing that what we had at that moment was what we sought for lifetime after lifetime. Decades later, I remember him, and the experience arises. When I hear others talk of him and see their faces, I know they feel it too. He was so generous in this way, of that I am sure. Arouse confidence in what he has given you. This advice is the most profound of what I can offer. Tsultrim Walter [Dale Walter], [Zopa & I took refuge at KCL in 1974] Poem composed on 3/3/2022 Year of the Water Tiger