Victoria Briggs

Tribute to Tom Crow, my brother. Tom died about three months ago now. It’s taken me this long to be able to write a tribute because I’ve been in retreat but also because it hurts so much that he’s gone. The words don’t come easily within grief. He’s the one that brought me into the Dharma in the early 70’s- he and June. As Paul said - “ such beautiful warriors" and I am so grateful to have had them in my life. “Keep on the Sunny side of life,” the Carter family song, reminds me of Tom as he loved music & was a talented guitarist & he played that song at our other brother John’s sukhavati. John, our youngest ramblin brother died in 2009. Tom also played the song “Ramblin boy” by Tom Paxton & and how the tears they rolled as we lost him. Tom’s sense of humor kept us all on the sunny side of life. He (my cherished big brother) brought our little family of four much joy & laughter in our early years. I cherished my moments with Tom. He was a very very very precious, kind, funny, loving wonder-full brother- so creative & full of music & art & life! He had so many gifts & taught us everyday. He was our gift. It’s hard to convey in words how much he meant to me & our family. He was a very caring important person in our lives! And I am so grateful for the brief & fleeting time we spent together as brother & sister…..I can’t say enough….. Vicky aka Victoria Briggs