I had heard of the work that Deborah (and Harvey) were making to help spread the Dharma in the West, but in 2008 I experienced Deborah's skill first hand. She was in charge of the mammoth project of presenting the 17th Karmapa for the first time to the USA. All the events she organized and created were beautiful. They were elegant, regal, inclusive, and true to the spirit of the lineage. I can only imagine the stress and strain she was under with such a huge responsibility. I observed her manner and how she worked with her staff. I do not know how she felt, but she presented an image of poise, openness, and joy. She immediately became my role model for how to gracefully conduct oneself in that position. When I was in a similar (but much less fraught and big) position for a visit of Rabjam Rinpoche, Deborah offered her help and support. A wonderful generosity flowed from her heart and an elegance and grace that was so charming. Thank you Deborah for your great contributions to the Buddhadharma.