Ashley Playfair-Howes

To You-Know-Who The owl-headed dakini whose heruka-gathering hoot pierces the dark night of humourless Americanisms; the swash-buckling thin waisted elegant willow of blond, penetrating peach, English to her mischievously graceful core, swaying and bending in winds blowing gently from nearby shores the scent of salt and seabreeze her clarifying perfume of discipline and delight. Where you tread, ever-young maiden, blossoms spring! Where you gaze, the Kingdom is made manifest! Where you teach, the guru's mind is joyfully, transparently transmitted, spotless and pure! For decades, if not kalpas, you have beautified, dignified, clarified, organised, and orgasmified our world. Long may your cheeky, elegant naturally female dignity grace and uplift our passages together through the many bardos of being and beyond, Oh Great Lady Warrior of Tatamagouche! 4 March 2015