James George Chronology

A partial timeline of his accomplishments and continuing activities



Born in Toronto


Rhodes Scholar for Ontario, educated at Upper Canada College, Trinity College, and University of Toronto.


Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, Ordinary Seaman to Lt. Commander.


Canadian Deputy Permanent Representative at the United Nations in New York, and a member of the UN Disarmament Commission.


Deputy Permanent Representative at NATO in Paris.


High Commissioner to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka.


Minister at the Canadian Embassy in Paris.


High Commissioner to India and Ambassador to Nepal.


Credited by the Commonwealth Secretary General, Arnold Smith, with helping to contain the conflict between India and Pakistan.


Ambassador to Iran and the Gulf States.


Published Achaemenid Orientations, which documents the discovery, made by James and Carol George, that the design of the great early Persian temple and palace of Persepolis was determined by the summer and winter solstice sunrise and sunset orientations.


Co-founded the Threshold Foundation, which serves the social change movement through collaborating with and funding innovative nonprofit organizations and individuals working towards social justice, environmental sustainability, humane economic systems, and peaceful coexistence.


While serving as the Director of the Threshold Foundation in London, he played a leading role in getting the International Whaling Commission to adopt a moratorium on high seas whaling and to ban all whaling in the Indian Ocean and the Antarctic. Since these measures were taken, several species of whales that had been on the road to extinction are now recovering.


One of the founders of the Group of 78, an informal association of Canadians seeking to promote global priorities for peace and disarmament, equitable and sustainable development, and a strong and revitalized United Nations system.


A founding member of the Palme Commission, which reported to the United Nations General Assembly in 1982 on Security and Disarmament.


Co-founded the Anwar Sadat Peace Foundation, which promotes peace in the Middle East.


Served as Chairman of the Harmonic Arts Society at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, 1984-92.


One of the founders of Rainforest Action Network, which plays a key role in strengthening the worldwide rainforest conservation movement.


Chaired the Asian Non-Governmental Organizations Conference on tropical forests in New Delhi in 1987.


With the inventor, Adam Trombly, he demonstrated a zero point energy generator at the United Nations, New York, and to the Senate Energy Committee.


Led the Friends of the Earth international scientific mission to assess environmental damage from the post-Golf War oil fires in Kuwait. This mission is credited with having awakened public opinion to the extent of the danger so that 24 teams finally took part in putting out the fires in six months, instead of the five years estimated by the original four teams engaged.


Published Asking for the Earth : Waking Up to the Spiritual/Ecological Crisis.

1995 – present

Member of the Advisory Council of Mr. Gorbachev’s State of the World Forum, a community of committed individuals and institutions united by a shared sense of responsibility for the human future.

1999 – present

Working with USAquaSonics, on a new and benign technology to make the desalinization of seawater significantly more affordable.

2002 – present

President of No Weapons in Space (NOWIS), a coalition of Canadian peace groups encouraging the government to initiate an international conference, on the model of the Land Mines Convention, to sign a Space Preservation Treaty banning all weapons in space.


Working on a major wind farm project in British Columbia.

Speaking at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. at a conference on space security issues.


Member of a lobby group in Toronto which successfully promoted legislation to regulate Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners in Ontario.

2006 — 2008

Member of the Association of Space Explorers Panel on Asteroid Threat Mitigation, which reported to the United Nations in 2008, calling for a globally coordinated plan to prevent a catastrophic collision between earth and an asteroid, now that modern technology has made such action feasible.


Awarded an Honourary Doctorate of Sacred Letters by Trinity College, University of Toronto, at its May Convocation.


In September, CBC showed a short TV documentary, “In the Spirit of Diplomacy,” on his life by independent film-maker Marco Mascarin, with clips from a 70 minute TV documentary made in 1975 by Paul Saltzman, with Patrick Watson narrating, entitled “Saint Demetrius Rides a Red Horse: James George Leaves India.”


Publication of his book, The Little Green Book on Awakening.


Extensive interview published by the Toronto Star on October 24.


Interviewed as a “local hero” in the Village Post (Toronto) in January.


Died in Toronto, February 7.