Judith Lief


Judith Lief talks with Julia about (among other topics) the first seminary, the Root Text Project, editing Chogyam Trungpa’s talks, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and a contemplative approach to death and dying.

Readers’ Comments

Dear Julia and Chronicles Radio,

I’m sitting in Wyoming after having traveled from Aspen Colorado area to my family for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

I just wanted to thank you for all you do to bring us a historical perspective of our Sangha growth and the proliferation of Buddha Dharma in the west.

Having never met Trungpa Rinpoche and being a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, it is wonderful to get a vision of the past of your lives with the beginning of our wonderful Sangha.

I live and work on a ranch outside of Aspen Colorado. I am amazed at the power of the wealthy, conservative view here in Colorado just 3 hours from Boulder. I moved from Boulder one year ago for financial reasons. I got a really well paying job, unfortunately, most here are severely influenced by the Christian Right, to the point of being convinced that President Obama is a terrorist and a member of Al-Queda etc. You get the picture. A lot of misinformation is coming out of retirees in Florida who are influenced there by the Christian Republican Right and have a lot of time to do damage, and misuse the internet for spreading poisonous information virtually.

The people that I am surrounded by are full of fear. Sean Henaghday of Fox News Channel has been a major player in spreading poison and hatred and preventing any kind of change in the minds of what I thought were intelligent and educated people. It has come to my attention that folks here with a lot of influence and money on the world’s stage have really been sold a damaging bill of Bull.

At times I find myelf so disgusted and completely drained of all Windhorse that I feel so compelled to give up. This makes me so sad and I feel powerless to help shift the winds of opinion.

My point for writing is that I thank you for all the information and teachings put on Chronicles. Chronicles Radio is my connection to sanity when I cannot make it over the continental divide to Boulder to “plug in”!

You cannot imagine how greatful I am for all of you at Chronicles Radio when I check my email and see something new on the airwaves. I was particularly struck by Acharya Judy Lief’s interview and the introduction of the Global Peace Iniative of Women that has been held in Aspen, Colorado. Please keep working in the Aspen area and down valley to help break the large iceberg of ignorance.

Please continue your work in helping clear the pollution of the airwaves with poisonous information and confusion. If you can help in anyway I so appreciate it. Do you have any suggestions Julia?

May the Rigden’s Wisdom Bloom,

Lisa Moore
Aspen, Colorado