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Lesly Benditsky

Sukhavati Ceremony for Lesly

A sukhavati ceremony for Lesly is planned for this Saturday, August 19, at 3:00 pm Eastern (4:00 pm Atlantic) in the KCCL (871 Young Ave) Mahasangha Shrine Room and online in Ocean’s Main Shrine Room. All are welcome.

With deep sadness we announce the passing of our dear friend and fearless warrior Leslyn (Tzipora) Benditsky, daughter of Emma Lily (Leah) Barcom and Samuel (Shmuel) Benditsky. Lesly was born in Montreal on January 8, 1953.

Lesly was so many things to us all. Above all she was a spiritual seeker who in true Judaic tradition wrestled with God, and studied and taught. She was unique in holding to her Jewish roots, in being deeply committed to Buddhist practice and finally embracing the study of the Course of Miracles which seemed to let her be all things and deepened her faiths.

Lesly was also a gifted artist and a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her portfolio of watercolours, pastels, drawings and acrylics was always imbued with the nature of her evolving spiritual practices including magnificent dragons, buddhist deities, portraits of friends, landscapes, flower scapes and many, many skyscapes. She not only loved creating artworks but sharing that joy by teaching art formally and also by having her friends join her on walks and hikes, sketchbook in hand.

In fact, Lesly was a committed teacher of spiritual knowledge as well. For years, she shared her Shambhala Buddhist training, and if you were interested, she would instruct on Jewish holidays and Hebrew pronunciation. Her most current dedication was enthusiastic sharing of the delight and peace she achieved studying the Course of Miracles.

Lesly was also fierce about recovery. Her own history with drugs and alcohol gave her compassion for the struggles of others. She encouraged and helped many to follow her footsteps, seek sobriety and become members of 12 step groups.

-Jennifer Bishop

A high shool yearbook photo of Lesly, courtesy of her classmate, Jason Gavras
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Mabinti Dennis
10 months ago

Very sad to hear of the passing of Lesly. This is sad news. Lesly introduced me to the Dharma and the Shambhala Center about 30 years ago. She shared the teachings with me, gave me meditation instructions, a stool, and the book "Shambhala The Sacred Path of the Worrier" which I still use. May she rest in peace.

jeremy B
10 months ago

The world is a lonelier place, R.I.P. Lesly.

Sandra Clementson
10 months ago

I loved Lesly.
She was one of the purest.

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