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Don Root, one of the earlier students of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, died on Monday evening October 4th of a massive heart attack. He was 83. He leaves behind his wife, Dorje Root, and two grown daughters Kelsey and Caroline, and son Eric and many grandchildren.

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Jeanne Cain
3 years ago

So much appreciation for this extraordinarily decent and kind human being who built much of Karme Choling and Shambhala Mountain Center wth nonaggression and humour.♥️🙏

kathleen willow
3 years ago

i saw Don last week, parked outside Elephant Cloud Market in Crestone. "hi Don!" his twinkling, kind eyes met mine with a smiling, warm hello. such a precious Dharma brother. blessings on your way, dear Don ... love to you, dear Dorje.

Jan Watson
3 years ago

Karme Choling was built under the direction of Don, in the mid 70s. He trained, advised and oversaw a group of enthusiastic but ignorant young carpenters in the construction of the building. It certainly wouldn’t have happened without his knowledge and kindness. And still stands strongly to keep the teachings propagating.

John I Tischer
3 years ago

I worked with Don as my boss doing plumbing at Karme Choling in the early seventies.
He was a good boss and a good friend. He always seemed to be in good humor. He had a motley crew to work with but never seemed pressured. He was a good man and a devoted student.

3 years ago

Don was a longtime practitioner who exemplified kindness, wisdom and his own unique sense of humor.