Kenneth Green



In this conversation, Ken talks with Julia about government, corruption, Hopi prophesies, democracy, and the importance of showing up.

By the way, that sound in the background is the wind. Partway into this interview, strong gusts start to blow into Ken’s living room through his fireplace.

Listeners’ Comments

Dear Julia, Walter and Ken,

This was magnificent. Ken spoke to my broken heart of sadness with his honesty and unconditional rawness. Rare these days. No sugar coating, no hyperbole. My first thought after Julia’s poignant closing chant of a sort, was, where is the authentic leadership? Where is the authentic Mandala? Maybe I’ve been on the far outer fringes for too long. Thanks to the Chronicles, there has been a gathering of energy which grows stronger with interviews like this one. Lady Diana’s book also has this power. All of these efforts, at least for me have brought our history, where the Vidyadhara and we began into the present moment with vibrant urgency.

I miss you all and once again deeply grateful for the Chronicles and Julia.

Many thanks,
Hildy Maze