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As dictated by herself to her husband who wrote down this obituary:

Nancy Louise Castlebury left this world on such-and-such a date [July 25, 2023], after a brief but spirited skirmish with the evil-doer Maya (that is, illusion.) She was the last surviving member of her birth family: her father, James Crain Jr., and her mother, Loualice Elizabeth Georges, and brothers Thomas Joel and Stephan Georges. She was proud of her mixed heritage, which included immigrant Norwegians and Persians of Azerbaijan.

She was a devout Buddhist since her late-20s when she converted in reaction to her personal puzzlement about death, and the deaths of so many loved ones. With appreciation for all religious traditions, she found her spiritual home in Buddhism. And she studied with many great masters of Tibetan and Chinese Mahayana.

Eventually the dashing John Castlebury swept her off her feet and they remained a couple for forty-one years. The fruit of this union was a boy, now forty years of age, and a perfect gentleman, Richard James.

Nancy had many interests, including a life-long interest in reading, non-fiction preferred. She was a strong proponent of the Oxford comma (look it up.)

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Paul Harper
7 months ago

1980 seminary sharing a rush up class for then upcomin exam.

I was joking with Nancy actually flirting with her about the difficulties of being reborn a women. She joking said that I was on my way to being reborn as a women with all a women’s trials and tribulations. Very elegant and stand up women full of joy and humor!

Gerry Wiener
8 months ago

I will miss Nancy too. What a wonderful person! Nancy was so caring and considerate of others. She set an outstanding example of true service. Nancy - wishing you only the best wherever your future journeys may take you!

-Gerry Wiener

Ani Chodron
10 months ago

I will miss Nancy. She loved her family and we shared our loved of grandchildren.

We also shared an interesting 25 minutes driving through what the Vidyadhara called dead zones, wondering who or what we would encounter. She was a dear friend of mine
When she last emailed me I detected something was wrong... If we can say that. I sent her my love... Then heard she passed. With love and devotion for my vajra sister.
May she have an excellent birth
Ani Cho

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