Guerrilla Fundraising for KTGR’s Digital Library

Help support the Marpa Network's Digital Library project


From the Marpa Network:

Although the loving kindness and teaching activity of the great yogi and scholar Khenchen Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche are truly beyond limit, a major part of his precious teaching has miraculously been kept in the form of audio and video recordings. Furthermore, many photos commemorating Rinpoche’s lifestory and beautiful situations with fortunate students have been taken.

Through the past generosity of many students, Marpa Foundation has been able to provide the financial support for the core team but we need your help to continue and to grow. Our first fundraising goal is $30,000, not quite half the annual budget of the Digital Library project. If we can reach this goal this year, we have the start of a solid financial foundation for this work to continue.

Please consider giving any amount, large or small: all our drops add up to an ocean! If you can make a monthly donation, an annual one, or a one-time, all will be very helpful.

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