Tribute to Rick Kemp

Rick Kemp died Thursday July 5, 2012 near Salt Lake, Utah.


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Pygmy Warrior Rick Kemp

Purified by the rain of Agent Orange on the battlefields of Vietnam
Liberated by the illusory space of marijuana and LSD in San Francisco
Establishing the land RMDC as one of the Pygmy tribe
Father of Jamille and Dharma Kemp
Protecting the Guru and Dharma through Kasung practice
And finally eaten through by deadly lung cancer
Rick Kemp—the Pygmy Mau—may your journey through the bardo be swift and smooth
And may the sun of your rebirth arise soon.

Written spontaneously by Jim Lowrey at the Halifax Werma Feast, Saturday July 7, 2012 at the request of the Muse Marguerite Sands for Pygmy Rick Kemp, who died Thursday July 5, 2012 near Salt Lake, Utah.