Year End Funding Drive 2019

We have two high priority projects


Our Goal: $19,500

Going into the new year, we have two high priority projects that combined will require additional funding of $19,500 (see breakdown below). Help us complete this work.

How will the funds be used?

It’s time for a new Ocean*

Some of the essential building blocks that Ocean relies upon (the best choices available in 2012 when the site was designed) are no longer supported. Using out-of-date technology leaves us open to many potential hazards, some of which we have already begun to experience.

We start work on a new Ocean site next month, and plan to have it ready in the Spring, giving us a site that is secure, easier to use, and less expensive to maintain.

The price tag: $15,000

*Ocean is the Chronicles online practice and study community.

We need to reinstall more than 500 audio players

The Chronicles hosts over 500 audio recordings. About two months ago we woke up to find that all of them stopped working overnight. The fix for this is not complicated, but it is time consuming. We appreciate your patience while we work toward restoring these audio recordings.

This effort, including hiring additional human resources plus management time, will cost about $4,500.