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Bart Mendel

Bart Mendel
Bart has been a Buddhist practitioner and teacher for 40 years and has taught extensively throughout the US, Canada and Europe. He studied and practiced within Trungpa Rinpoche’s community starting in 1976 and served as Resident Director of Shambhala Training in Austin and Halifax during the 1980s & 90s. Bart became a student of the 14th Shamarpa in 1995 and two years later, he and his wife Suzan Garner accepted Shamarpa's invitation to establish a Bodhi Path Center in Santa Barbara where he served as resident teacher for ten years. Today, Bart and Suzan serve as Directors of Dharmakaya Inc and Siddhartha Foundation International and recently launched the nonprofit Mindworks app to make the wonders of meditation accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere (

We Can Run!

Karme Choling, 1978. We were all excited that Rinpoche was coming to give a teaching program. I was 22 years old. I’d been on the staff at KCL for a year...