Longchen Foundation

Rigdzin Shikpo

Welcome to the Longchen Foundation, an international community of Buddhist students and teachers practising meditation in the Mahayana Maha Ati (Dzogchen) tradition of Buddhism. The community, or mandala, is under the spiritual direction of lineage holder Rigdzin Shikpo.

Rigdzin Shikpo has been charged by his root teacher, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche with revealing the essence of these Tibetan teachings, which encompass the Hinayana, Mahayana and Secret Mantra Vajrayana vehicles, in a way suitable for those of us born and brought up in the West.

Longchen Buddhadharma is suitable for all ages and levels of experience. It has two qualities. It is rare because it offers a complete path of training for householder yogins. And it is precious in that it is difficult to find someone from our culture who has received these teachings and is authorised to transmit them in their entirety. Most importantly, it is a unique presentation of the path of Dzogchen Buddhism especially suitable for westerners.