Update on the Fire at Shambhala Mountain Center

The fire is under control and the Great Stupa has been saved


Shambhala Mountain Center has been saved from the worst, thanks to the efforts of the firefighters. In an update released September 27th, Michael Gayner, the Executive Director of Shambhala Mountain Center, wrote that “only a few buildings [have] burned.” Which buildings have been damaged or destroyed is currently unclear.

The fire threatened the entire infrastructure of the center, including the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, which—perhaps most importantly—survived unscathed.

In a video released today (September 28th), Cory Carlson, an official with the fire management team, said that crews will stay in the Shambhala area today to ensure the fire remains under control. “We’ll continue to make sure the values are secure in there,” he said.

In a post Michael Gayner wrote that “fires had burned along the wooded slopes surrounding SMC and through the center of the land to our little lake, while the trees near the entrance were untouched.” It seems also that the Stupa support building was in flames, meaning the fire had been quite close.

The Cameron Peak Fire has been burning since August 13th, and covers an area of 124,026 acres. Until the winter snows come, the Cameron Peak Fire is expected to continue to burn.

According to InciWeb, the perimeter of the fire is 21% under control. The crews’ control of the fire declined 4% since yesterday. The weather today is cooler, and with the cloudier conditions, there is hope to regain the ground lost. However, the weather appears to be in favor of the fire later this week as there will be a rise in temperature.

Michael Gayner has also announced that for anyone wishing to help with the efforts to rebuild a fundraiser has been started, which can be accessed here. For Michael’s daily updates, click here.
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