Where in Montreal?

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche's and Lady Diana Mukpo's first address in North America.


My travel log from Montreal attempted to identify the building where Rinpoche and Diana stayed while they were waiting to enter the United States. The building that was pointed out to me at the time was 5151 Côte des Neiges.

When I visited Lady Diana in Providence last month, I showed her a photograph of this address. But she remembered that the actual building was taller and more modern. So I showed her photographs of Hôtel Terrasse Royal, which is on the same block and which Esther Rochon, a long-time Montreal sangha member, had always believed was the Mukpo’s temporary residence. Lady Diana agrees that this probably is the place. She remembers that it was an apartment on the second or third floor in the front of this building.

July 2004