1974 Seminary

Visit the 1974 Vajradhatu Seminary in Snowmass, Colorado


Filmed and edited by Vicki Genson

Vajradhatu seminary, a twelve-week program of practice and study, was the principal training ground for Trungpa Rinpoche’s North American students. During his lifetime, the Vidyadhara conducted thirteen seminaries starting in 1973. The 1974 Seminary took place during September, October, and November of 1974 in Snowmass, Colorado.

The images and sounds that make up this film were all recorded during the Seminary, primarily during days off. His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa visited Seminary and performed the Black Crown Ceremony, during his first visit to North America. The nun at the end, touching foreheads with Rinpoche, is Sister Palmo, Freda Bedi, an Englishwoman who gave Trungpa Rinpoche English language lessons in India, and facilitated his entrance into Oxford University.

Throughout the film, there are many glimpses of seminary pariticipants, including Bill Ames, Diane Ames, Latha Barasch, Marc Barasch, Cicely Berglund , Helen Berliner, Gene Bobker, Ken Campbell, Rob Curtis, Nancy Craig, Cyrus Crane, Lodro Dorje, Graham Elliott, Jonathan Eric, Martha Espeset, Fred Ferraris, Wendy Ferraris, Rick Fields, David Flint, Martin Fritter, Tom Garnett, Jason Gavras, Carolyn Gimian, Brian Grimes, Gerry Haase, Paul Hardman, Alice Haspray, Richard Haspray, Tom Hast, Norman Hirsch, Rachel Homer, Giovannina Hughes, Laura Kaufman, Hart Keeler, Rick Kentner, Dr. John Kerns, Max King, Poppy Koch, Otto Koch, Michael Kohn (Sherab Chodzin), Robin Kornman, Tania Leontov, Linda Levine, Ellen Mains, Michelle Matthews, Tony Matthews, Meera Mead, Larry Mermelstein, Bob Morehouse, Noreen Morris, Molly Nudell, Tom Pathe, Douglas Penick, Meg Penick, Bob Rader, Arlan Ray, Reggie Ray, Bruce Robinson , Melissa Robinson, Dorje Root, Karen Roper, John Roper, Marvin Ross, David Sable, Eric Salter, Alan Schwartz, Julie Sheen, Susan Skjei, Alan Sloan, Judy Smith, Bob Sonne, Ricky Spiegel, Ann Spruyt, Alan Sternman, Lena Stone, Margaret Sullivan (Drescher), Randy Sunday, Paul Susnis, Erik Swanson, Anna Taylor, John Tischer, Tsultrim (the monk), Tsultrim Allione, Ludwig Turzanski, Karl Usow, Patricia Usow, Gerry Weiner, Eric Weiss, Lee Weingrad, Karen Wells Hayward, Herbert Wickenheiser, David Wright, and Elaine Yuen.

1974 Seminary is available for purchase from Vicki Genson. The cost is $20 and proceeds will go towards the completion of two projects: 12th & Aurora, a portrait of life at Marpa House during the early years (1973-74), and Eight Calligraphies, a film about Kobun Chino Roshi’s 1987 calligraphy demonstration at Rocky Mountain Dharma Center.
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Vicki Alexis Genson met Chögyam Trungpa in March of 1971 and at his suggestion, left Los Angeles and moved to Boulder in August of 1972. For many years, Vicki worked as a video producer for the Cable industry. As a community access coordinator, she taught video workshops to the public. Her independent work has been shown at festivals and at the American Film Institute. Dharma-related projects include Kobun Chino: Eight Calligraphies, and Devotion, an elegy for the late Ugyen Shenpen. DVDs are on sale through the Konchock Foundation.